Privacy Policy

This privacy statement is a first version. Some aspects of this privacy statement might be changed in the future to be in line with the law and best practices.
MaRe is a project from the TU Delft. In this privacy statement, it will be explained what personal data MaRe collects when using the website.


  • What data do we collect?
  • How do we collect your data?
  • How will we use your data?
  • Who has access to your data?
  • How will we store your data?
  • Other matters

What data do we collect

To support your education at the TU Delft, the university has a legal ground to store your data. To be more specific, it is a contractual necessity: data processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between the student and TU Delft. Because of this, MaRe collects the following data:


We collect the following information about students:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Student number
  • Affiliation (if the user is a student or teacher)
  • Study programme and year and month of enrolment
  • Track or profile
  • Declaration of Credits Obtained (formerly: Thesis Entrance Permit)
  • Topic of master thesis
  • Start date of master thesis and set milestones
  • Supervisor(s) of master thesis
  • Documents related to master thesis process
  • Courses they are enrolled in
  • The groups the student is/was part of
  • Additional notes
  • All notifications the user has received
Staff member

For a staff member, we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • NetID
  • All information through Single sign-on
  • Affiliation (if the user is a student or teacher)
  • Which department/faculty the user is part of
  • All notifications the user has received

To provide notifications, we collect some metadata about the device used.

How do we collect your data

All data we collect is collected when using MaRe website.

How will we use your data

At this moment, we only use the data given to support the functionality MaRe promises, to register the master thesis, keep track of the process and to provide an overview (limited to relevant data) for staff members of students.

Data is being used on a need-to-know basis. This means that staff only see relevant information to fulfil their duties. Only administrators have access to the database. Specific staff members can export data to use for purposes, for example, to calculate final grades or import it into other tools, namely BrightSpace and Osiris and to signal (potential) delay.

Data from MaRe might also be used for research purposes. This research is done to explore the possibilities of increasing efficiency and quality of the support given to students.
For this research, data will be stored. This data will only be accessible to people doing the research and will be responsibly handled in such a way that no unauthorised person or persons can get access to this data.

Who has access to your data

Student project level
Relevant data to generate an overview of all thesis projects supervised by the supervisor, with details of the individual projects (e.g. agreements, uploaded files, additional notes).

Research group level
Research group head
Relevant data for management purposes on research group level (e.g. number of students, mean master thesis project duration on research group level, checkmark of uploaded TEP).

Research group secretary Relevant data to manage MaRe on research group level and improve the social cohesion (e.g. email addresses to invite students for events of the research group, current student overview and set milestones, cohort information).

Department level
Department manager and department head
Relevant data to manage capacity on department level (e.g. to process lab/studyspace requirements and to overview the number of students in the department).

Study programme level
Academic Counsellor
Relevant data to monitor projects with (potential) delay and signal (potential) delay and can take interventions (e.g. individual project details, cohort information).

Programme coordinator
Relevant data to monitor master's thesis project on programme level (e.g. current number of students working on thesis, milestones and checkmark TEP uploaded, email addresses to inform students about matters related to the master's thesis).

Master Coordinator
Relevant data for programme management purposes on track level. Can signal (potential) delay and take interventions.

Director of Studies
Relevant data to overview all projects within the study programme for management purposes (e.g. details of current, archived and upcoming master’s thesis projects, cohort information).

All data to keep MaRe running, solve problems when occurring and make developing MaRe possible.

Mailbox (
MaRe development team
The MaRe development team consists of staff members of the TU Delft, faculty EEMCS. To process emails quickly and thoroughly, they have access to the MaRe support mailbox.

How do we store your data

To comply with GDPR regulations, all data is stored on site at the TU Delft. The data stored on our servers will be deleted after 5 years.

Access to data is strictly regulated with only select admins having access to the database. All other entities need to use the website itself, where, as mentioned previously, information is provided on a need to know basis.

Other matters

Please refer to the Privacy Statement of the TU Delft for matters like:

  • What are your data protection rights
  • Which cookies we set and why

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or want to make use of your rights, please contact