Welcome to MaRe

MaRe is the Master Thesis Registration system at TU Delft / EEMCS. This platform is used to track the progress of Master students, and provide students and (co-)supervisors with useful reminders about upcoming milestones.

  • Students can register their project, the system will then help them with the further administrative tasks regarding their graduation projects. Think of (automated) reminders about important deliverables and simplifying the procedures like submitting proposals for their committees.

  • (Co)-supervisors can see all projects they are supervising, including their progress, and they'll be able to see what important moments are coming up. Your student will enter most details, you will be notified once your action is required.

  • Support staff can generate relevant overviews of students within their research groups/study programmes. This can be used to find students in need of more support, distribute workload across scientific staff, find bottlenecks in the current graduation procedures, etc.

MaRe is currently under active development, and not all features have been implemented yet. In case you encounter a problem then please let us know. You can use the email address mentioned below, or use the bug report option in the top-right corner (after you logged in).

  • Support

    In case you need (technical) support you can contact mare-ewi@tudelft.nl.
    When emailing us, please use your university email address.


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